Saturday, July 13, 2013

Game 15: Crystalis (NES) - Trigger Happy

I keep getting ahead of myself. My past experience with the game has given me some insight, but at the same time I end up jumping past plot points and triggers. I know eventually I'm supposed to get behind the queen's chamber and discover... something.
Admit it; you're the queen!
I tried to paralyze the queen and fortune teller, but they were immune; I moved on to explore the countryside. Inside a cave behind the waterfall were some petrified townsfolk blocking my way deeper. I returned to town, but the queen was just as unhelpful; however, this time I noticed after being sent away with the "I'm tired" message that the guard now moved to block my return.
Quick, take my picture
I paralyzed the guard and found I couldn't get very far without a way to cross the underground rivers.
I found this guy early too
Something must have triggered; the next time I spoke to the queen she provided me with the Flute of Lime, which cures petrification. Using this on the statues allowed me to find the Sword of Water. I was then directed to find the Lime Tree guardian to the south that previously banished me.
I also saved Akahana and received the shield ring
Arriving with the sword, I was given the ball of water. The second level power creates ice bridges. Inside the tree was a message from someone named Mesia, a being similar to my character, who was going to meet me in Draygonia.
Help me Obi-wan Kenobi...
Now to remember all the potential places to build ice bridges; I don't think there were too many. The ones nearby allowed me to get to two caves. After getting lost in the northern cave, I reached a secluded area outside the southern cave.
I got a what?
I returned to the area outside Brynmaer where a new ice bridge allowed me to reach the Amazones Village. Run by women, they discounted me (I guess my character is a man). I found the shops didn't care about my gender and sold me some new armor. I managed to find my way into the leader's house and retrieved the Blizzard Bracelet before being thrown out.
I was just looking, I swear... I mean, no, I wasn't looking
The queen had disappeared when I returned to Portoa. I found her hiding in the back where she disclosed that she was actually one of the wise men in disguise. I gained the Recover spell, and was told to find the Shell Flute before taking a boat ride.
If I knew where the Angry Sea was, I'd go there right now
I searched the cave I was previously lost in again and managed to find the Fog Lamp this time. The Shell Flute still eluded me for some time. It turns out another hidden trigger caused a dolphin to wash up in the cave behind the castle, an area I had already searched.
When did you get here?
The dolphin offered up the Shell Flute in exchange for medicinal herbs. With the new flute in hand, the boatman was now back from his fruitless search for the Fog Lamp. Returning this item allowed me free access to the boat.

Join me next post for more trigger hunting fun.

Session Time: 1h10m (Total Time: 3h25m)


  1. Yay, the dolphin! Regardless of its other qualities, I look fondly on this game because it has a dolphin in it and dolphins are awesome.

  2. If only they made a dolphin RPG, but we do have the Ecco games.