Saturday, June 9, 2012

Game 10: Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord (SMS) - Hidden Tiles

My obvious next step was to get Treo's equipment, and the final two shields. After that I figured I'd get the ship and map the rest of the world. The cave housing the lost equipment was a bit tougher than I'd previously had to deal with, so it took me a couple of visits to clear out. Treo finally had his full equipment though, and I got some magical nuts as well.

I tried my hand at the last two shields, but these guardians seemed a bit more troublesome (or I got a bit unluckier with dodging). I decided to skip it for now, grabbed the ship, and mapped the open seas. I figured it'd also give me an extra level or two to take on those beasts.
Over-world map (MS-Paint)
Mapping revealed the final continent, which contained two towns, a village, and 4 statues. Following the directions of the scroll from one of the towns leads me along the path of the 4 statues, but none do anything except the last where an easily defeated creature turns out to be trap set by the black monk.

At this point I'm stuck; I recovered the last two shields, but I'm not able to progress past the beast in this last shrine. Every time I vanquish him, I set off a trap and am told the gate isn't here. I'm guessing this means it's actually hidden somewhere else.
The last shop has the same equipment as the second town
Back to the manual for hints! I discover here that there are three keys I need. Checking out the map I've made, I noticed an odd desert square in the middle of some mountains. Searching here I discovered a hidden shrine of Iason. Below it was a dungeon that contained a chest guarded by a new kind of beast. Defeating him left behind the Key of Heaven.
Those new beasts must be the EVILL leaders!
Finding this one key doesn't seem to help me find the rest though. I tried to follow the prophecy directions from nearby towns, but to no avail. Aside from stumbling upon this dungeon like I did, I'm not sure there are any clear hints that I should actually look for hidden shrines. I'll have to review the hints I've received.

I did happen to discover a couple of useful clues from random travelers that help with the prophecy scroll. For those that missed it from one of the screenshots in the last post:

Hearken, Come, Iason!
For eight days from Saria
calls spring's sweetness.
Eight days, face not dawn
journey north five days
west three days to Dokia.
View the sacred shrine;
yea, the gates below are,
for fools, hell's gates.

The hints are that the spring wind blows south, and Saria is the old name for Medi's town. I really don't know which town is Medi's. Following the directions from the town I found her in doesn't seem correct since the directions go off the map at one point. I can only hope I stumble upon the last two keys and finally the gates of hell.
Great! Medi, where's your town? (Medi: *shurg*)
One last thing I noticed is that my traveling blacksmith left me at some point. I'm not really sure where he disappeared to, but I easily hired another to take his place. Does anyone know if they're on a time limit or something?

Session Time: 4h10m (Total Time: 14h00m)


  1. How many towns are there? Could you just try each one? Might gain a level or two walking between at least, and beats walking back and forth to grind.

    1. There are 9 towns. I only got through three before I decided to give up on it and focus on searching the last continent. I figured the game was too old to do something like progressive dialogue based on how far I was since the three towns I went to didn't have anything new to offer.