Friday, February 10, 2012

Game 1: Phantasy Star (SMS) - Coming to a Close

The hints are finally starting to align. I sense the end is nigh. Things are wrapping up: the Amber Eye, the point of the Laerma trees, the Laconian Pot, and the one seemingly random line about some nuts can make cats huge and fly are all revealing their truth. After wondering the lonely road of many paths without an end in sight, I believe I can safely say I'm almost done.
When did Medusa start having a serpent's body?
Last night I loaded outside Medusa's tower, but thought it best to find the shield mentioned before. I had been to the island, but didn't search every square. Silly me for thinking the game wouldn't make me do that. With the Mirror shield on Odin I felt better prepared for my fight with Medusa. I also picked up a Laser Shield for Alis. The fight with Medusa went by without incident; I now have the axe, but I'm still reluctant to forgo the laser gun. I wonder if Medusa actually stones people.

Next stop was to get the Diamond Armor. At 15,000 mesetas it was nearly everything I had, and well worth it; Odin was in need of a boost to armor, and 30 more points seems like a lot (now 163). It's a little strange there's no interim choice between this and the 1,000 cost armor, but with this I am well equipped to head back to Dezoris. I hope I find the Laconian Armor; otherwise I'll have to save up another 15K for Alis. Traveling between all these places was getting a little annoying, so I found a small town in the mountains with the Ice Digger for sale to call home for a bit.
12,000?! I just spent 15,000 on armor...
The Laconian Shield was in a cave I thought would lead me to the top of the mountain. I explored a temple and found someone that wanted a dragon gem in exchange for a sacred flame. Pretty sure I got the better end of this deal. I accepted the trade because I had started hearing about the Laerma trees, their nuts and berries, and how I'd need a heat source as well as a Laconian Pot to hold them. Nuts? That reminded me of the nuts fed to cats. I had been hearing Lassic lived in the sky, and that there were places in the sky even a space ship couldn't reach. Ignoring the illogical (game logic right?) nature of that last statement, I figure I need the nut to feed to Myau in order to reach Lassic's last stronghold.

After getting those two items I had enough money from battles to buy the Ice Digger; however, I can't figure a use for it. I heard there were soft spots in the ice I couldn't walk on, but I haven't found such places. There's also one last dungeon that looks like a prison that I haven't found a use for. Most dungeons have a single item or a helpful NPC to talk to; I've found neither in this place.
Gauron Morgue, where the dead walk again! (Plus my new Ice Digger)
My hope to finish tomorrow night has diminished, as I seem to have hit a wall here. I cut last night 30 minutes short because of this. Hopefully a fresher mind enables me to tackle the clues once more and find a way to the Laerma trees, which will unlock the way to Lassic, and the end. Of course, there's also a magic crystal that some soothsayer has, and I'm not sure I have anything left to trade for that or where I'll find him.

Not knowing what else to do, I tried to find a secret door again in one of the dungeons. I looked at every wall, but nothing. Granted I didn't try the search command because that adds more time than I'm comfortable with. If that's the key to finding these hidden areas, then I'd rather not bother. I just hope this isn't preventing me from finding something in the (so far) empty dungeon.

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