Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Updates - Emulation Hoooo!!

Embrace the Emulator
That's right, the poll has been over for quite some time, and the majority opinion is that emulating isn't that bad in your eyes. Honestly, I thought there'd be more of a mix, but at least half here feel that games should be free (I'm sure for various upstanding reasons). Others expressed their understanding that most emulation doesn't harm developers and publishers if there's no way to purchase the game from them any more.

I can't outright give up my own feeling that playing on the original system is best though, so I'll still strive to collect the old games and systems. Any games released for digital distribution are definite buys as well. However, I won't be skipping games anymore, and I won't break the bank to collect everything. The most significant change here is the TurboDuo games are most likely going to be emulated (unless someone wants to let me borrow one with all the games; I swear I'll give it back).

I'll play it by ear and announce in the game year posts which games I'll emulate and why. Hopefully this allows others enough time to express their distaste or to find any known issues with emulating. Not having emulated much myself, it'll be a learning experience trying to get it working. First game up to emulate is Miracle Warriors, and while I'm heading back in time, I figure I might as well go all the way back.

Jonothan pointed out a flaw in my plan. I didn't include all consoles in my search. I thought games before the Master System just didn't matter because they didn't include enough CRPG points or they didn't have a proper ending. Turns out I may have been wrong (happens all too often unfortunately). Here's my current list (from Mobygames), please help me to expand it:

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin Cartridge
Swords & Serpents (not related to the NES game)
Tower of Doom

Gateway to Apshai

My plan is to add these games I've passed over at the end of the current game year. So, after Magic of Scheherazade, I'll go on to Miracle Warriors, and then try to figure out how an Intellivision emulator works. This is fair warning, tell me now if I'm missing any more games before I pass them up again. I can always go back, but I'd rather knock these out in one fell swoop.

Speaking of adding games to the list, I've been discussing the proposition of remakes with Canageek. I'm of the mind that a remake isn't worth the time for someone who's played the original, but if this latest poll has taught me anything (other than emulation is good) it's that my opinion is most likely in the minority on a fair number of things. So, I'm opening up a new poll to get feedback from everyone on how they feel I should handle remakes and enhanced ports. The games in question aren't ones where the remake is the first US release, but a game where I've played or will play the original, and a later remake comes up. The most recent example is the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Warrior. Should this be added outright, or on a case-by-case basis? Cast your vote, and we'll discuss in a few weeks.

Now for some random things that don't have a good tie-in. I'm pretty sure I don't need to do this, as it's plastered everywhere, but just in case I have one or two readers that haven't ventured into other blogs (I have no delusions of this, I'm not that interesting) I'm pleased to inform you some game from the 80s is getting a sequel. It's not console related, so don't get your hopes up over Miracle Warriors 2. Wasteland 2 has a Kickstarter project going, and there's still time to reserve your copy. I hope they're able to throw the original in the mix as well, but that might be a stretch. Interestingly, the developers are giving back to Kickstarter by helping to fund future projects on Kickstarter. They've pledged 5% of profits to other Kickstarter projects in a new movement called "Kicking it Forward." Do support CRPGs, it's good for the community and the genre.

Lastly, a couple updates regarding some blog exposure because I think it's interesting to note when others take note. I've been asked to help out a new site as a featured contributor: RPGFanatic. So far, I've only had time to add one, but I expect things to go a little faster as I get more comfortable with navigating the site. It seems like a good resource for all CRPGs once it gains some traction, so keep on eye on the site and help out where you can.

Probably the biggest surprise this weekend was waking up on Sunday to a huge spike in page views. I knew Dragon Warrior was popular, but I didn't think it'd drive that much traffic. Looking at the stats I found Chrontendo was the source for all the traffic. How much traffic? Well, we'll see if the spike turns into a plateau, but his mention tripled the daily traffic. Welcome to the site everyone, enjoy your stay, and feel free to make suggestions.

Dr. Sparkle was kind enough to make a mention of my site and goal on his blog (and he's added me to his side bar). His Chronogaming projects are an awesome piece of video game journalism/chronicling, and his dedication is inspiring. In case you haven't watched every episode of Chrontendo, Chronsega, and Chronturbo, I strongly urge you to set aside a weekend or two and catch up; his insight is enlightening, and his narration makes even the sports games enjoyable to learn about. Thank you for the support, and I'll try to hold off my mental breakdown long enough to at least breach the PlayStation era.


  1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin Cartridge

    The beginning of my love for RPGs!!! Out of all the Intellivision games I played (a lot), it was AD&D that kept drawing me back. They were probably the first games I actually finished too!

    They won't stand up well nowadays though. Very primitive!

  2. I've already given my $15 to get a copy of Wasteland 2 when it comes out. I hope it isn't too old school; grinding isn't really my thing, but I figure it will be worth a try.

  3. What happened to the 'major changes' option? I don't want you wasting time with minor changes, but for some of them major parts of the game are added, translations are redone to not suck, etc. I picked vote on each as the closest to that option.

    1. I changed it to "Go with your gut" since a 'major changes' option would be up to my interpretation anyway. It's more truthful this way. I think I'd like posting a poll for each one, but there are times when I may not be able to afford the original, so a remake is a good compromise I think.

      We'd have to vote early in those cases. Ogre Battle is the closest example I think where I plan on playing the PS1 remake. Even with option three, I'd still be open to other opinions. I think I'm fairly open to the direction we take the game list in. I think I have Chrono Trigger on the DS, but it wouldn't be too hard to get it on the Virtual Console.

  4. Seeing those ColecoVision and Intellivision titles made me wonder, hmmm, no Atari 2600? Here are a few games that were labeled as RPGs on Wikipedia's List of Atari 2600 games ( I can't speak for any accuracy here, as I've never heard of these games.

    • Dragonstomper (
    • Crypts of Chaos (MobyGames puts it in the "action" category) (
    • Secret Quest (ditto) (

    1. Okay, I'll take a look at these as well. Thank you.

    2. Well heres one person who hopes you still mostly go the actual console route. Although some emulators especially for older systems are exactly accurate. I mean if you are playing a Master System game the emulation is pretty much perfect I believe. NES probably is as well. But to me I applaud your goal to play it as originally intended on original console. Just hope you got a good CRT television to go along with that plan.

    3. Thank you for voicing your support. I agree, the older consoles are better emulated, and I'm fairly sure CD based consoles aren't going to go that well. If I get a $1000 windfall, then maybe I'll consider getting the TurboDuo + games. It'd take some convincing of my better half though. :)

      I definitely do have a small CRT television. I'd guess it's probably a nice 15". The larger TVs don't seem to have the same crisp colors, and they warp the corners.