Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game 13: Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (NES) - Shall We Try That Again?

I have a sneaking suspicion that Wizardry ultimately comes down to random dumb luck. Unless there are items that block magic there's no defense for Tiltowait. So, I'm left with only one option. Press on and hope for the best.
Seems I lose a little faith each passing year
I've spent the last few weeks eking out minutes here and there that seem to add up to about 20 hours. I had imagined spending more time blogging on the side quest, as at the same time I was playing through Star Saga Two, but I couldn't quite bring myself to blogging about it yet. I apologize to those waiting for updates there. I'll have something up soon, but I'll get back into playing Wizardry instead of grinding it.

And oh what a grind I had. Twenty hours is quite a commitment to grinding; I could have beaten Final Fantasy in the same time although it'd have taken more concentration. I questioned the time I spent when I noticed after changing classes I was only getting a single hit point per level. Seriously, after all the class changes, only ONE HP per level. At least characters retain their spells from previous classes.
My beefed up party can still fall to a single powerful Tiltowait
I left a couple of characters alone, the samurai and wizard, to see how they would fair. I can't really say they're any better off. At level 16, they have fourth level spells and average HP.

Spell distribution was the main reason I wanted to change classes continuously. A character who knows at least one spell at a given level will learn the other spells at that level even if they're not of a class that can learn magic. They won't learn higher level spells though, so the trick is to get to level 13 mage or cleric, and then switch to another class.
My ninja deftly cuts the head off the ghost... wait what?
I was hoping for HP closer to 200, to ensure survival against the dreaded spells Werdna will unleash. With the additional spellcasters, I have a chance of getting a silence off, as Pacpix suggested. I just need to get really lucky, survive the first volley of Tiltowait, dodge the vampire's draining attacks, and win the game.
First though, let's have some fun with my new powered up party and see if I can't gather up a few equipment enhancements. I'm tempted to rush off the deep end, but a couple more hours of treasure hunting couldn't hurt, right?

Session Time: 20h40m (Total Time: 43h00m)


  1. Go forth and gather treasure! But be careful of teleport traps while doing so.

    1. Forgot about the traps. Looking at my ninja, he has 12 luck, but 18 agility. Not sure what I'd do if I don't even reach Werdna.