Sunday, April 8, 2012

Game 7: Faxanadu (NES) - Finished!

Before I wrap up what happened, I must say the password system in this game has led to more restarts than any other game during my youth. The 'f' and 't', 'c' and 'e', 'O' and '0' only have a few pixel differences that can be hard to distinguish. I got it on the first try this time, but only with the help of a screenshot. I pity all those who weren't able to recover their games because of an incorrect password.

I set off last night to find out what was beyond a boulder dropping enemy in one of the castles I'd previously passed on. I took some time to prepare and made my way back. Unfortunately, I didn't prepare enough, and needed to go further back to buy another K-Key. I'm sure there's something to be said about the keys being Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, but I can't think of anything. In any case, luck wasn't with me last night as I didn't find the ring in that castle.
All this trouble for an Elixir... the punchline is I die shortly before getting to it
Defeated on that front I started the toilsome task of talking to every NPC I'd already spoken with. Starting with the town furthest along, I only needed to go back one town; thankfully this process was rather easy. Apparently, to get the ring I was required to get the Battle Helmet and Armor. Was I told this? Maybe...
Which Shield?
I'm also told that it's not my rank that's preventing me from wearing the armor, but that I need to wield the Dragon Slayer sword in order to wear the two Battle armor pieces. 0n this note I wonder it rank really does play any part in thc game. Moving on, I spend some time grinding to get the last spell.

Feeling well prepared for the final assault I start looking for the final ring that will unlock the last area, and the boss. Already knowing it lies in the hands of a guru I keep my eyes peeled, and find him without much effort. As luck would have it though, he doesn't give me a ring. It seems he's under an event lock, so I go exploring more.

Eventually I find a dragon, and what's that I hear... boss music? It seems this is the Dwarf King that swallowed the Dragon Slayer in order to keep it safe from the Evil One (and me).
I choose you... Grieve!
It takes a couple of tries, and on the second attempt I realized the Wing Boots would be really helpful to fly up to the dragon and beat him down in the sky. It takes very little effort with this strategy. Heading back to the Guru produces the last ring.

With the "key" to the final area, I head off to defeat the Evil One in his Evil Place. The last area is truly evil, in maze form. Finding the Evil One is the hardest part of the game. In fact, once I did find him--myself prepared for a long battle, 4 healing potions at the ready--he lasted all of 10 seconds.
For the final boss, let's make him look like all the enemies in one
I fully expected another form to appear after the first, but I was only met with what I guessed was fanfare (first time I'd heard this music). Then I was talking to the Elf King, who suggested I wasn't staying. Off I go on another adventure.
The world always heals so quickly

Session Time: 1h03m (Total: 4h51m)

P.S. Having finished this game early in the night, I decided to finish up Dungeon Explorer. It only took another hour, and I had completed both games. With two short games out of the way, I hope that the next few provide a little more depth.

Also, for those that want to see the game in a bit less time, there's a speedrun for this game too. Clocking in at 30 minutes, I do suggest checking this one out. Even if you hadn't played the game before I think it's entertaining enough to watch considering all the planning and execution that went into making it. Once again, it's hosted at Speed Demos Archive.


  1. "0n this note I wonder it rank really does play any part in thc game."

    Are you trying to copy the games mixing up letters or something?

    1. Maybe... >.> <.<

      10 imaginary points for being the first to comment on it. Funnily the 0 and t were actual typos (don't ask me how), so I just added the c in to even it out.